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LUBRITECH: High performance lubricants for special applications

With FUCHS LUBRITECH GmbH, a division was founded back in 1951 that focuses on development and production of high-performance lubricants and release agents for highly specialized applications.

The product portfolio encompasses:

  • High performance lubricants for open transmissions, bearings or furnaces in the cement and mining industries
  • Low-temperature greases for arctic environments
  • NSF H1-registered lubricants for the food industry, which also comply with the strictest halal and kosher requirements
  • Bearing greases for highly economical long-term lubrication of wind energy plants
  • Metal forming lubricants for the best parts quality in the forging industry
  • Temperature-stable lubricants in the steel industry
  • Efficient release agents in the refractory industry
  • Environmentally friendly and noise-reducing lubricants in the rail transport sector
  • Concrete release agents, as well as special greases for effective operation of machinery and equipment in the construction industry and for many other industrial applications



 Head Office & Plant : Plot No. 3588,Eshtehard Industrial Town,Eshtehard-Iran Postal Code:3188115813

Tel/Fax : (+98-21)71164

Tehran Office : Northern 6 Floor,No.42 ,Soltani (Sayeh) St.Nelson Mandela Blvd. Tehran, Iran Postal Code: 1967733827

Tel/Fax : (+98-21)71164

Email : info@fuchs.ir



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Business hours:

Sat-Wed: 08:00 - 17:00